Susan Chan Associates

Susan Chan is the founder of  Susan Chan Associates and New Horizons, she is the CEO and senior consultant who reaches out in a global practice over Scotland, the UK and into China. Susan embraces a holistic approach using Mindful Compassion, NLP and Hypnotherapy. Wellness, happiness and resourcefulness are features that we all need to develop and grow.

Now is the time for change. Grow with inner confidence

Our mission is to promote positive well-being, health and fitness. Here at New Horizons and Susan Chan Associates we offer you the opportunity to develop ways to gain energy, positivity and resourcefulness. You can let go of what holds you back, stop those habits to get on with your life. Look forward by making that change now. Stop smoking, lose weight, let go of anxiety, gain confidence. Start that journey now. You can grow in confidence. Inner confidence starts the path to change. Let go of what holds you back. Habits can change. Embrace a happier life now.

We offer a number of personalised and specialised services, including coaching, de-stress, hypnotherapy, mindfulness CBT and NLP. With my associates, we are professionally qualified and registered life coaches, de-stress and motivation consultants. We offer a range of professional consultancy services in mind and body health and well-being, de-stress, education and mindfulness.  We use a range of modern psychological and positive motivation techniques. Whilst we are based in the west of Scotland, we can deliver courses and individual services across Scotland and beyond! Remember that we can also offer consultations and sessions via Skype. Our Skype name is:  geddes.chan

  • Improve your life.
  • Let go of anxiety and stress.
  • Embrace life and happiness.
  • Live again, find joy and calm.

Mindfulness and hypnotherapy can work together.

We live at a time when there are many demands. Stress is a symptom of our busy life. We can’t deny it but when it is overpowering, life can feel as if it grinds to a halt. There is hope and there are simple yet effective ways to help. Most people do not wish to travel to the moon! More often they wish to have a sense of well- being to take in ordinary pleasures and things that are in our day to day living.

It may surprise you to know that we have natural abilities and skills within to enable positive change. It can be wonderfully exciting to be able to find inner peace and calm. In many ways, to let go of what sits heavy on our minds, hearts and bodies. Mindfulness and hypnotherapy use what you have within to make change and get on with your life in a way that is right for you. It is simple, holistic and real. Change is really close and within your reach. It is as simple as giving yourself a gift of a smile and learning to breathe to improve your life

Work and study can make demands that send us into a state of worry and anxiety. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness are holistic ways to change and make life easier. All too often, we look for advice and change from outside, an expert, book, a ‘guru’, when all the time the answers are within. Sometimes we do need someone to shine a light and help us to see things clearly to uncover and deal with them effectively, and touch on deep rooted feelings, emotions and problematic behaviour. Yet the answer comes from within with mindfulness and compassion. We offer a key way to make change and enable you to get confidence within.

  • Be your best
  • Weight loss and feeling good

For most of us losing weight can weigh heavy on our minds as well as our bodies. We help with hypnotherapy and mindfulness. A holistic approach to body, mind and spirit is one that is likely to offer you a kinder and more sustainable way forward. Most people recognise that punishing regimes can only last a relatively short length of time. Loose weight more effectively and harness all of the resources you have. Know that whatever happened in the past can be dealt with, remove barriers and find a way forward.

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Most Enterprising Business, Finalist 2014

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Downloads/MP3s/ Bespoke recordings. We have a new and extensive range of audio downloads available from this site. However we also offer bespoke recordings for the individual or a specific  group.  Contact us for details and costs.