Life Coaching and Motivation Consultancy

‘…life is for living ...make the dream  come true’

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As  life coaches and motivation consultants, what do we do?

Sometimes we can drive ourselves hard and get the result that hits the mark.  At other times we can lose our edge and get tired, become deflated and lose our motivation and confidence. By working together we can help you get a better work/ life balance and to be happier, content and healthier person. This positively translates into all aspects of your life.

We ask our clients what they want from life. The answers vary but recurrent themes include family life, security, health, happiness and success. We hear about people having coaches/ teachers for better performance in areas such as music or sport, so why not a coach for everyday life!You do not want this happening to you. If you feel that you have lost your way, then it is never too late to get back on track

‘I knew a man who worked so hard building up a career, and was very successful in creating a very pleasant standard of living for his wife and children. He was a member of a golf club, but rarely played. He talked about all the things that he would do when he retired and the places to visit and the hobbies to develop. He mentioned that cruise, the visit to China and taking his grandson to the football. Everything was based on the idea that, one day he would do all these things. Of course he never did. The Who talked about, ‘I hope I die before I get old’, regretfully he did.’

You want to be happier, with a good job and a lovely family,  but can’t quite get the balance right. Many of our clients come to us having forgotten how to relax, have fun or learn to live without their phone. Find how to relax, spend ‘me time’, improve your golf or take that adventure holiday.  As life coaches we can help you to follow all your dreams and live a more content, happier life.

We work with dynamic and  positive people who are ready to be challenged. The areas of your life that can be covered will be agreed at the introductory discussion but can include:-
Confidence and Self esteem
Communication skills
Personal health and well being including weight, stress and exercise
Work Life Balance
Money/ Finance and planning for the future
Dreams and achievements
Career development
Handling baggage and clutter
How to be happy!

Susan AwardSusan’s work has been recognised by the Association of Scottish Businesswomen. as a finalist in the categories, ‘Outstanding Contribution to Business’ and ‘Best Business/ Charity Partnership’