Coaching For The Individual

Personal coaching programmes (with Mindfulness and NLP) is for anyone and everyone.

We work with dynamic and successful clients! There are many parts to us, some moving on as we would wish, some parts not.

As life and motivation coaches, we offer you a safe environment in which to discuss your issues. We listen to and hear what you have to say using a person centred, empathetic approach with absolute confidentiality.   Life Coaching involves moving from the present to the fulfilment of dreams. It is about identifying goals, targets and achieving tangible success. We use a variety of holistic approaches, from Mindfulness to NLP.

A testimonial from a client: ‘Thanks Susan. I am successful in business, making good money, big car and on target for my next promotion. But I wasn’t happy.  I have now managed to sort out other parts of my life with
better relationships, better personal health and less stress’

Life coaching helps you identify your goals and assists you in fulfilling your aspirations. How to change inner attitudes that are limiting your personal terms of success. When we work together you will know the difference, how it feels, how your attitude changes and you can relate far better to the many strands making up your life  and be happier. You can learn to be kinder to yourself.

The most common areas of your life which could be covered would include

  • Confidence and Self esteem
  • Personal health and well being including weight, stress and exercise
  • Work life balance
  • Relationships
  • Career development
  • Money/ Finance and planning for the future
  • How to be happy!
  • Dreams and achievements