Educational Motivation, Coaching and Performance

A comprehensive programme for students

For many young people, studying for and sitting examinations can be very stressful. Often it is a matter of confidence building combined with a useful set of skills and techniques to achieve the best possible outcome.

SQA Exams
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Ian has vast experience in education. For nearly 30 years he was a senior manager in a large school, working on a daily basis with school students and staff.

He is the author of several books, including the highly acclaimed study guide, ‘How to Pass SQA Exams’. It was from his original idea that the Hodder Gibson series of books, ‘How to Pass’ came about. Ian is an associate lecturer with both the Open University and Strathclyde University, as well a freelance consultant with AOK Learning and Philip Allan Updates.

He is a former Chairman of the English Speaking Union (an educational charity) with experience as a public speaker, debater, national judge and motivation coach.

Ian has extensive experience working with SQA and professional development delivery. He is also  fully qualified to deliver the Mindfulness in Schools Project’s .b curriculum to students aged 11 to 18.

Educational Motivation, Coaching and Performance

We offer a range of programmes

  • How to beat exams!
  • Group coaching, confidence building and motivation in schools or colleges with students preparing for national exams
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • CPD motivation sessions with staff
  • One to One coaching, confidence building and motivation sessions with students (University/ College or School)

Sample Programme

‘How to beat exams!’ Confidence building and motivation leading to success in SQA, NC or A Level examinations..

Overview of programme….. based on the structure of ‘How to Pass SQA Exams’

  • How to fail an Exam!
  • Why should you pass?
  • Examination systems.
  • Master the basics and assemble your ‘toolkit’.
  • Learning how to use your brain.
  • How do you learn?
  • Relaxation, a practical session.
  • Stress and motivation.
  • The final push.
  • ‘You deserve to pass’.

This is an interactive programme introduces some fun into the serious task of studying for, and passing exams.

Individual student programmes can also be delivered over 4 sessions.

‘Last minute’ confidence exam busting sessions available.

Relaxation and de stress sessions for staff.

Susan Chan Associates… Health, well-being and motivation consultants

Programme: Relaxation and de stress workshop for staff/ management

Teaching is a demanding and stressful profession. It is difficult to relax and the work environment is changing and often challenging. At New Horizons we work with many teachers to make the most of themselves to be more resilient and confident, The workshop aims to give staff the techniques and skills to relax, to have some fun, reduce harmful levels of stress and raise the general level of health and well- being.

Time 1 1/2 hours.

Audience Teaching staff, support staff, management teams

Numbers Up to 20 participants per session

Overview of workshop

  • Relaxation techniques and exercises
  • Identification of pressure points
  • Reducing harmful stress
  • Personal well- being (Health and energy)
  • Practical strategies
  • Personal action plan

This workshop is interactive. It will allow participants to find it easier to relax and de stress their mind and body, allowing an overall improvement in health and well-being.

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Programme: Relaxation and de stress workshop for individual members of staff

It may be that you have a member of staff going through a particularly difficult time, struggling to remain confident and healthy. Teaching is a demanding and stressful job. It is possible to have individual consultations to work on anxiety, motivation, confidence and de-stress. This support has in the past been possible using school resources, or if not available, through private consultation

Fees Contact Susan and Ian