Susan is a fantastic mentor, coach and advisor. She brings deep insight and great patience to all her work. Deeply empathetic, she helps clients achieve great insight then leverage these throughout their lives in hugely practical ways. I would urge anyone who wants to develop themselves in any way to get in touch with Susan as soon as possible.

-ALB, Director Social Enterprise Company

Thanks for you have done.  Two months ago I had anxiety, fear and issues with alcohol.  With NLP and timeline work I feel great. I know that my wife has also contacted you to say thanks.                                        -GF,  CEO and Inventor

Susan knows her field inside out, and is superb at putting clients at ease whilst getting real results.
- CM, Media Consultant

Thanks Ian.  XX was so stressed out over his exams. Your work with him and your book allowed him to relax and regain his confidence. He got straight A’s and is off to Uni in September HB, Mum

Susan has a particularly empathetic style which puts her clients centre-stage, allowing her to draw out and elucidate their issues with clarity and propose the optimum way forward.
- JB, Company Director

Since her graduation ….. I am so pleased and delighted that Susan has gone on to do some truly wonderful work with the skills she has learnt …. including Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching. I can highly recommend Susan’s work. She is using these skills with Individual Clients, Business Clients and in her great charity work.
MF, Owner and Director of Motivation Business Training Company

For many years I have had a burning anger and rage. It was embarrassing. I felt out of control. I met with Susan and after just one session, we established the deep rooted cause of my anger and now I know that it has gone and I can get on with my life.

I was addicted to Social Media. I came to you stressed out over the fact that my life was dominated by facebook  and Twitter. I could not go 20 minutes without checking. Thanks Ian for the sessions. I still love contacting my friends but I am in control.                                                             - HG, Teacher

Wow! I read about the ‘hypno’ band and you know what? It works! I read about it in one of the national newspapers. I opted for the longer session. Over a couple of hours I was taken through all the stages leading to the successful insertion of the virtual gastro –hypno band. Four weeks on, and guess what it works! Thanks Susan  Shona

Just a wee note to say thanks. That’s me now off the cigs for one full year, on the 2nd June 2012. I feel so much better for it. What I was paying out for cigs is now paying for a new car’!  -KH, Client

I can now walk without pain. I never thought that I would

I have now stopped smoking. I had tried many times before using other methods. The problem was weakening at key moments. After three sessions with Susan, I can now proudly say that I am now a ‘non smoker’. It was easier than I thought. Just the thought of another cigarette makes me feel sick! For me, it worked!

Usually I am a confident person. However I worried so much about exams. I knew that the sleeplessness and the anxiety caused me to under-perform on the day of the exam. Having seen Susan at New Horizons, I now approach exams with calmness and confidence. When I sit my driving test, I shall make a point of seeing her again!

For over 30 years I carried a great weight on my shoulders. I was only a child. This anxiety could come back at any time and send me reeling into a spin of depression and hurt. Being able to revisit this time, I can now put the past well and truly behind me. I feel renewed. If only I had met Susan years ago! Lesley

I always thought of myself and being strong and fearless. So I had to face up to the reality that I was showing signs of failing both in my personal and professional life. My coaching sessions with Susan were rewarding, demanding and successful. I became more mindful, and I learnt  how to relax. I am so much more positive, confident and happy with both my work and relationships. Anthony

My business was doing OK, but I was struggling to balance out my life/ work balance. I seemed to be tired whenever I got home and found it difficult to relax. The children were growing and I seemed to be missing out on the fun. Thanks to Susan, I have now sorted out a balance that suits me, my wife and the kids.

Thanks Susan. In the time we have been working together I have gone from a dress size of 22 down to a 12! I am healthier, look good and have so much more energy and confidence. The virtual gastric band works and has allowed me to find a new me! I am thrilled! Joyce

On behalf of the students from XXXX Academy, can I thank Ian for his ‘Examination Confidence and Motivation workshop’ delivered to our senior pupils? It was fun, fast moving and left the students buzzing with new ideas and confidence. We’ll have you back again next year !’      DHT XXXX Academy