4 easy steps to change with mindfulness

1. Breathing

Take a moment and focus

on your breathing. It is your life force.

Spend a few minutes every day mindfully engaging with

your body through breathing.

Be aware

2. Body posture

Be at ease with your body.

Visualise a tree, standing tall and proud.

Sit with your spine, neck and head aligned. Let the air

circulate and allow vital energy

to move freely

 3. Water

Water will help to keep your

mind, skin and system clear and pure. Water

helps to remove toxic build up and re-hydrates the body.

Be aware of the present. 

4. Cultivate personal growth

Nurture peace, rejuvenation, clarity.

Take time away from clutter, chatter, phones.

Allow the body to be nourished. Take time to meditate.

Be with nature. Be in the present.

Enjoy yourself.

5. Be happy                                                                                  

Be kind to yourself

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