Staying in the Moment – Top Mindfulness Tips

We live in a time of uncertainty and change. I recommend mindfulness to help people who have experienced depression, stress or anxiety or anyone who is wanting to learn about meditation

Mindfulness is a brilliant way to improve well being and coping with all of life’s demands. To slow down instead of ‘doing change to being’ carries benefits by reducing your heart beat and increased positive brain activity.

Mindfulness means paying attention moment by moment, without being judgmental. By being fully present in the moment and aware of everything that is happening regarding bodily sensations, impulses and emotions and thoughts.

Benefits are numerous and here are a few

  • Increased awareness
  • Improvement on concentration
  • Calm at times of challenge
  • Resilience and ability to change during transitions
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Decrease depression and low mood
  • Improve immune function


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