Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

In this time of uncertainty, recession and anxieties about the future, mindfulness can offer helpful strategies and perspectives. 

During the summer/ autumn of 2011, we intend to run a series of participatory and practical classes in MBSR. 

After completion, the majority of people mention

            Increased ability to relax

            Greater energy and enthusiasm for life

            Copying with greater confidence

            Improved self esteem and motivation 

These classes will include

            An introduction to mindfulness

            Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices

            The benefits of mindfulness

            Mindful techniques

Personal happiness and ‘inner wisdom’ 

MBSR classes/ course can be delivered to individuals and/ or groups. The process allows individuals to reach into themselves for the inner resources that can be used in times of difficulty.

 Mindfulness is a way of learning, allowing you to take charge of your life. You can increasingly take control over the stress, pain, anxieties, challenges and demands of everyday life.

 The regular classes are supported by Susan’s highly acclaimed CDs and course manual.

Contact Susan for details and dates.


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