Past to Present Explaining the Origins of Mindfulness

Mindfulness underpins much of my current practice. It is a psychological technique with its origins in Eastern philosphy, and is becoming increasingly popular as people, in a hectic and chaotic world, search for a more calm and thoughtful way to live.

If you practise mindfulness, you will become more aware of your physical and emotional state.

You will focus on being ‘in the moment’ and become aware and in tune with your self and your immediate environment.

If you live ‘in the moment’, you need not live in the past or worry about the future.

I successfully use mindfulness when working with clients affected by cravings and addictions. Experience has shown that they can live more calmly and distance themselves from the triggers that spark off these issues.

Mindfulness can help you to make decisions that will change behaviour and lifestyle choices.

Mindfulness allows you to change positively. In a sense, mindfulness offers a different path, away from the addiction or pain, and on a route in the direction of healing, calmness and awareness.

Mindfulness works most effectively when combined with regular practise, listening to my Hynopsis MP3 download, the keeping of a journal and regular ‘affirmation’.

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