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Susan, the founder of New Horizons Creative Solutions  and Ayrshire Cancer Support (ACS) are in partnership giving people affected by cancer, access to mindfulness hypnotherapy, a complimentary therapy that works to overcome pain, discomfort, phobias and fears.

The partnership gives access to people in the Ayrshire community, a complimentary therapy that makes a positive difference. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques are  resources that would not be so accessible to those affected by cancer.

The partnership allows and enables clients to tap into their own resources and have greater control over the most intimate parts of their body and mind. For such people, life takes on an empowering experience at a time when many often feel a loss of control.  This partnership with Ayrshire Cancer Support, has been selected to be a finalist in the ‘Best Business/ Charity Partnership’ for 2011. The Association of Scottish Businesswomen awards this yearly accolade. (ASB)

The partnership can also bring families together and can build bridges allowing family ties to be stronger.  During ‘afternoon retreats’, clients and families can meet others affected and have an opportunity to share common interests and concerns. Ayrshire Cancer Support staff have come to Susan’s workshops on relaxation and mindfulness as part of CPD. The mutual benefits are numerous. The communities gain the greater confidence of having people treated with dignity, respect and choice.   People have greater control over many aspects of their own well-being and confidence. They develop the skills and techniques needed to become mindful and can practise ‘relaxation’.
The 2011 award ceremony will take place in September at Aviemore.


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