Coaching for retirement programme – An Overview

The course is delivered by Susan Chan and Ian Geddes.

Coaching for a new retirement programme will help you with your new way forward. You can identify your strengths and weaknesses. You will gain skills to enable you to get the very best of your life changing experience. It will take a holistic approach to retirement and include finances, health and consider a whole range of needs: emotional well-being, relationships, and personal growth, work and play opportunities.

We are all living longer lives and planning is an essential element to have a satisfying retirement.

The standard programme runs over two days and is divided into a number of modules. The location is St Rule House, Ardrossan. The setting is relaxing, comfortable and ideal for such a retirement programme.

The group will meet at 09.30 for 09.45 and be active until 16.00. Coffee/ tea/ snacks and lunch will be provided. The maximum six of a group will be 10, and the course can run with a minimum of 5 people.

Coaching for a new retirement is an opportunity, a new beginning, the start of a new life journey. Coaching for retirement can help give you the focus, motivation and support, to put those cherished ideas into action.

The programme will enable you to establish how you want your retirement to be- and plan it

  • Learn the key factors that will contribute to a successful retirement and see just how they can compare to your vision.
  • Evaluate your goals; life purpose and personal fulfilment needs
  • Work with a retirement coach to overcome any concerns on your retirement.
  • Find out if your retirement dreams match your partners
  • Understand the values and beliefs that will influence your decisions
  • Learn how best to make that life change into retirement
  • Live and create the balanced life that you want
  • Gain the benefit of a happy, satisfying and active retirement.
  • Who am I?
  • Do I really know what is important to me?

The cost per delegate will be £325 for the 2 days, course materials (including CD/ downloads), all food and refreshments.

Additional ‘one to one’ sessions (minimum of 2 hours) available. Ask for details.

Contact Susan Chan                                01563 528801/ 07980 849

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