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Most of us at some time in our life could become an addict to something! I frequently see people become vulnerable and develop behaviour that begins to take control in an unhealthy way. It could be drink, drugs, eating, smoking, shopping, prescription medicines, the internet and so on. Of course, these are habits. Some legal, some not.  You may feel that you remain in control. When you start to feel bad and develop a dependency on your addiction, you may know that the line has been crossed. Sometimes you may not realise it. Addiction habits can affect your health, finances, relationships. You do not feel good. The fun and adventure may have gone. You may be the last one to know.  You can overcome your addiction and get out of the mess. Addictions work in two ways, ‘physical dependency’ and, ‘psychological need’. Remember that you may need to seek out medical advice before using hypnotherapy.

So does hypnotherapy work?  Do you want to gain control? If so, then hypnotherapy works quickly, effectively and permanently.

Six Golden steps to overcome an addiction using hypnotherapy and mindfulness techniques.

  • Accept that you have an addiction issue
  • Realise that the addiction is no more than a learned habit
  • Have conclusively decided that you are ready to kick that habit
  • Make that decision to seek help
  • Keep a journal of your habit.  Mention frequency, costs, time, location, feelings
  • Seek out help from someone like Susan Chan

Contact Susan Chan at channewhorizons@aol.com for more information and advice.


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