NLP and Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques

Body Scan

This is a simple technique that when practiced, reduces physical tension and the symptoms associated with this. It can be used almost anywhere, for a few minutes or as part of a longer more advanced method of relaxation.

The technique….

‘Golden Breath’

We all have had a lot of experience breathing! It’s natural and it is our life force.

There are limitations on our usual patterns of breathing. Often shallow, or rushed. Diaphragmatic breathing is calm, controlled and relaxing.

The technique….


Deepening, sometimes also called ‘countdown’, is  very effective when you wish to deepen relaxation and when combined with the two remaining techniques below, can result in very pleasant and effective stress reduction relaxation

The techniques….


As humans, we have the power to visualise. Using the powerful energy contained in our minds. Our emotional and physical well-being comes from our mind images, thoughts and feelings. By positively drawing upon our mind, we create strong images that have beneficial applications

Healing             Inner wisdom        Planning                        Relaxation

Visualisation is even more effective when combined with our other senses

Sound                Sight                Taste               Smell                   Feeling

The technique….

Your ‘special place’

In many ways this technique is the deepest and most assuring. It takes you to your own ‘special place’. It combines all of the above with wonder and excitement

The technique….


All of these techniques are enhanced with daily practice

Use of CDs/ MPs

Returning to the present

You always have control during relaxation. You can end it at any time by opening your eyes. A more comforting way to end the session is to reverse the above techniques.

For example counting from 1 to 5, gently opening your eyes and stretching the muscles.

To find out more about these NLP and Mindfulness techniques, contact Susan Chan, email

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