Hypnotherapy, NLP and Quitting Smoking

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Quitting Smoking

By Ian Geddes and Susan Chan

So how do you break up old habits? Are you addicted to nicotine? What is the difference between a habit and an addiction? Smoking is both addictive as well as a habit. When you are addicted your body needs that drug, whether it is nicotine alcohol or cocaine. There is a connection between a habit and an addiction. A smoker will reach for a cigarette at certain key times. Possibly a habit after a meal. Having a drink with friends. Hypnotherapy, or a programme using our ‘hypnochange’ approach, is a very effective way of helping you to overcome those habits/ addictions that interfere with your life. Be reading this newsblog you are already considering wanting to make that change. Whatever caused you to become a smoker is not so important to the hypnotherapist. What is important to note is that it started a pattern of behaviour and is now ingrained in your mind. You can break that pattern and change that habit and overcome the addiction need that is attached. OK, you know that smoking is bad for you.  For your sake and for that of your loved ones, make that decision.  Smokers tell us that most cigarettes are smoked due to a habit pattern.

So are you ready to quit, using the ‘hypnochange’ programme?  You can discuss these points with us at New Horizons. Phone today and make that appointment.  Plan the right time to quit. You could argue that there is never a perfect time. Make sure that you want to quit for your reasons. Clearly you need support from those close to you. But it must be you driving the change. Tell people who you know will be supportive and that you are quitting, using hypnochange. Download our ‘Stop Smoking’  MP3   We will encourage you to increase your motivation to quit.  It could be a photo of yourself as you want to be. Collect the money, once spent on cigarettes, in a jar. Hypnotherapy allows you to reach a state of deep relaxation, when you subconscious mind will positively enforce the changes that you want to make. There is no need to have any fears, since it is a ‘normal’ state to be in, and you remain always in control and aware. Make that change today. Talk to us and we will enable you to create strategies to quit smoking using ‘hypnochange’.

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