NLP and Hypnotherapy for deep sleep

By Ian Geddes and Susan Chan

A refreshing sleep is priceless. It is a necessary and welcoming end to an exhausting day.  Sleep restores the body and mind. The norm for an adult is around 7 hours a night. Sleep takes place at 3 levels. REM or light sleep. (25%) Deeper sleep. (50%) Very deep sleep. (25%) When you sleep your body is processing your experiences from that day. Your muscles recover from the activities of the day. Problems can develop both getting to sleep and staying asleep. There are many causes of insomnia, including:  physical factors, social, habit, mental (stress anxiety)

So how does your body react to shortage of sleep?  Your body and mind will suffer in many ways, such as                  Fatigue                                Irritability             Accident prone                 Poor concentration         Forgetful               Dull                      Without energy

Under hypnosis we work on your subconscious mind. You remain in control at all times. By changing how your mind deals with issues, we can help you to re-programme it to be more receptive to long lasting changes as to how you think feel and behave. You will become calmer and open to the power of positive thought and suggestion. We work with many clients who come to us exhausted, dis-spirited and so frustrated that they lack the energy to do all the things that they want to do. As clinical hypnotherapists, what can we do? We use several techniques that may focus on what is preying on your mind or helping you to learn the principles of relaxation. We also have a number of MP3 downloads that contribute to a good night’s sleep. Using our techniques you may find it easy to relax by focussing on your breathing and visualising yourself in a ‘special place’.

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