NLP and Happiness

NLP and Happiness

By Ian Geddes

I’ve given up listening to breakfast TV. The economy. Crime. The weather. Riots. War. Even making me feel guilty for not being ‘green enough’. I am not naïve and I know that I live in the ‘real world’. However, I want each day to start on a high, positive note. Each day should start exciting with the chance of a new beginning with opportunities to grow and enjoy. Each day gives you chance to live in the present and take in all the great things around you.

If you surround yourself with negativity then it can drag you down, if your reality is dominated by such thoughts, it will affect how you view your day, your relationships and your hopes. I was playing golf. Actually I was playing OK. I could feel the heat from the sun, the wind gently blowing across my face, I could smell the freshness of the cut grass and I could hear the sound of the waves lapping against the beach.

The guy I was with was having an awful day. He moaned and groaned. I found myself slipping from feeling good, and started to feel his anguish. So, I worked out ways to bring me back to your moment. Say to yourself about how you feel. My mood lifted, I continued to enjoy myself and even managed to lift the spirits of my golfing partner. He continued to play poorly, but no longer did it annoy him!

It is important in life to remind yourself of all the positives and affirmations of what is good. Make a list of the good feelings you have recently had. For example,

When you were totally relaxed

A good meal you had with a close friend

A creative moment and thought

When you enjoyed a walk or swim or a run

When someone told you that you look good

When you told someone that you loved them

If you have a chance, read the blog on the ‘New Horizons 10 point plan for a happier life

Have a good day. No have a great day!

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