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Essential Principles for Personal and Business Development.   Ian Geddes and Susan Chan

We find an increasing number of harassed and stressed clients coming to us. To the outsider they may seem successful. It could be the nice car, the ‘good job’ or the nice house. However it may have come at a price. We are amazed by the number of people that we know who seem to be drawn deeper and deeper into their work.   ‘I go in a little early and stay until my desk is clear. Then I can go home without thinking about work’. We hear variations on this all the time. Our home is close to the Headquarters of a Council. The car park fills up from 07.00. (You may wonder why we are up at that time!…….walking the dogs!), and will often see some of the same cars there 12 hours later. Residents of Kilmarnock can sleep well knowing that the employees work long and hard for them. We work with individual clients who need to establish that elusive ‘work/ life balance’, as well as clients who see us as part of a company programme. Men and women who ‘burn out’, struggle both at home and at work. So what can we do? We use a variety of techniques, from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), relaxation and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

NLP is a sophisticated and effective force of change. It allows you to understand what makes you tick, how you feel, how you think and how you make sense of life around you. When you feel as if you are swimming through treacle, NLP awareness training can give you a magical  ‘aha’ moment. ‘Neuro’ relates to what is happening in our minds. ‘Linguistic’ refers to language and how we use it, and ‘Programming’ is about those persistent negative patterns of behaviour that we repeat without learning. Once you open up those channels in your mind, you will be able to make those decision, solve the problems, learn and get the results you want. You can combine this with techniques enabling you to relax and de-stress yourself. NLP is generally recognised as the key tool for personal and organisational change. You will find renewed energy so that you can cope with the work/ life balance that you want.

For several years we have also been promoting ‘Mindfulness’. This is now the ‘latest hot’  technique. We work with individual clients, small groups and business groups. We run workshops /experiential courses on MBSR as well as individual bespoke NLP and MBSR sessions.

We have written many articles on our Blog pages covering NLP, dealing with stress and Mindfulness , and you may find it useful to check back.

Give us a call so that you can chat with us and work out the solutions to your personal and business challenges. You actually have all the answers within yourself!





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