So can Hypnotherapy help you to stop smoking?

MP3 Stop Smoking

We are often asked if hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking. The simple answer is YES.

To be successful you must be ready to stop. We use the power of the mind to channel your desire to stop smoking by using a number of successful psychological techniques. It will involve imagining, virtual feeling, touching, tasting and visualing.

Imagine what your life would be like as a non smoker. Healthier. Fitter. Richer.

Consider this testimonial received recently,     ‘ Just a wee note to say thanks. That’s me now off the cigs for one full year, on the 2nd June 2012. I feel so much better for it. What I was paying out for cigs is now paying for a new car’!  -KH, Client


Our stop smoking MP3/ Download, can help you to increase your motivation, boost your confidence and maximise your will power to break the smoking habit. After all it is a habit and can be broken!

You can also call Susan to make an appointment for a consultation and have a chat about your programme.

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