Ten tips to increase your confidence

Ten tips to increase your confidence in ten minutes by Ian Geddes and Susan Chan

1           Visualise yourself positively. Adopt a ‘switch’ approach. Imagine the old you in a small black and white, grainy   TV screen. Now the new you. You are now in a 42 inch HD screen. Switch between the 2 and settle on the big screen.

2          Change the way you look.  Hold your head up high. Be aware of positive body language and image. Smile. Think of something that has made you feel good.  Maintain that positive confident pose. Use your body. Walk tall.

3          Laugh, release some endorphins and feel better. Smile and rejoice in life.

4          Clear your mind. Meditate. Go into the zone. Refresh your mind and body. Focus on your breathing. Feel the        tension drain away to be replaced by a feeling of calm

5          Be mindful. Be still. Be aware of what you can hear, feel, taste, touch and smell. Enjoy the moment.

6          Be kind to yourself everyday. Buy flowers. Burn a candle. Soak in a deep bath. Feel good. You deserve it.

7          See yourself as the ‘you’ that you want to be. Visualise that you are jumping over 10 hurdles. Enjoy the feeling and confidence you gain as you flatten each of those barriers.

8          Make a list of your personal strengths, qualities and abilities. Look at it everyday. This is what makes you a ‘star’.

9          Visualise how you would like your life to be in one year from now. Start today to take those steps. Visualise the new you, whether it be the new you as rich, happy, thin, brave, loving or strong you.

10     Take time to practise the new skills that you need. Reflect on your performances. Note what worked well and what was not so effective. Practice and learn.








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