Happiness – What is it and how do we know when we have it?

Happiness means different things to each one of us. I rarely meet any client who is ‘over’ happy! One of the things I ask new clients to complete when they come to see me for  coaching is to complete a ‘life focus chart‘. This is useful to measure where the client is at the moment and recognise what  they wish to change.  Coaching explores these feelings and works with the client to set goals and take action to achieve their desired outcomes.

So, would winning £50 million on the lottery make you happy? Research by the New York Times indicated that we each have a baseline level of happiness. People easily adapt to living with less or more, without suffering many negative or positive consequences, but that when we are constantly pursuing more, we have to get even more to stay happy. This is called, “hedonic adaptation.” No matter what happens, good or bad, the effect on our happiness is temporary. Our happiness level can be influenced by how we think. So you can’t buy happiness. So there!



So what are our 10 top tips for happiness?

1 Enjoy the moment. Do not worry about things that have already happened nor concern yourself with tomorrow’s challenges. Focus on what is good and in the here and now
2 Smile. No not like a ‘Cheshire cat!’ A gentle smile is contagious. It will lift your mood and that of others around.
3 You want to look good and feel good. So you need to eat well, drink plenty of fluids and take whatever form of exercise is for you.
4 Pick out at least four things that you enjoy doing. Do it! It could be music, meeting a friend, gardening…..
5 Do something different today! Challenge yourself.
6 Make an effort to praise, compliment or give a moment of your time to someone. Recognise something special in another person everyday
7 Review your achievements. You have many positive strengths. Write them down. It could be a skill, a relationship or accomplishment.
8 Get moving! So, don’t sit there and mope. Be positive and cut out any negative encounters and negative  people. Do something! Anything!
8 Learn to love yourself. You are unique. Be confident
9 Carry with you photos of things and people that make you smile and give you pleasure
10 Be calm

So, you may not win the lottery, but you can have true happiness.
Best wishes



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