Confidence and how to raise your self-esteem

Your mind is an incredible and endless source of creativity and resourcefulness. We work with many clients who come to us with low levels of self esteem and confidence.  Possibly something is holding them back. We can be so hard on ourselves. We may want more from our lives, but without the right focus we end up spinning around, failing to achieve our potential. Often we harbour doubts that we are not worthy or capable of success. Who you believe you are and the identity that you hold, will filter into every aspect of your life. It could be relationships, work, leisure, self well-being and health, dreams and aspirations. If you do not have self acceptance and self confidence then this in time, becomes obvious to others. You were not born with a general lack of confidence or low self esteem. There is no rogue gene in your body. This is learnt behaviour possibly arising from incidents as you developed or experienced. It is possible to ‘re-programme’ your mind and move forward with confidence.

A search on Google will throw up hundreds of motivational quotes on confidence. I like the one from Eleanor Roosevelt, ‘Nobody can make you feel inferior………………            without your consent’. An old Judaism  saying states, ‘that a man who has confidence in himself, gains the confidence of others’.  We are very good at hiding our lack of confidence, and don’t admit it even to ourselves. You will have to accept this before you can grow as a person. Confidence and esteem come from within. Whatever your age and situation it can be significantly improved through a variety of modern psychological techniques and tools. The key to improvement is how you feel about yourself and to be able to be a positive thinker.

So by improving your self confidence and esteem, you can be a happier person, be able to thrive in all situations whether at work or in relationships, and be stronger and more detemined to realise your full potential. You see there is a link between your mind, your body and your spiritual needs.  You can start to believe in your own value and worth through a number of mind exercises and practises. Of course it is only human to have tough days. However when you know your strengths you can bounce back fast and strong.  You can take steps today and start that change to esteem and confidence taking one moment at a time. So call us to discuss  how you can remove old limiting emotions and beliefs and open up a whole new world within yourself.

Contact us and we shall send you our own copy of the ‘Geddes/ Chan Scale of Confidence’.

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