Six Principles for Living the Dream and Positive Change

Principles for Living the Dream and Positive Change

Taken from, ‘Living the Dream’, by Susan Chan and Ian Geddes

Often in life we seem to seek out advisers believing that they are the experts in all aspect so life. When it comes to yourself, you are your own expert. No one knows you better than yourself. Every day I have people who ask for my advice. The truth is that each person holds the answers to their secrets. In the whole of your lifetime you could be on a mission looking for answers. Once you start being true and looking within, then the perfect answers come.

You are not broken. You do not need to be glued together or sewn up. What you can do is identify exactly what your unconscious mind really wants and needs you to do to keep you safe. Using modern psychological techniques we can overcome and cure a lifetime of fears and phobias in a few minutes. Once you set your intention the mind has a way of identifying the key way to overcome your difficulty.

You have many resources. All that you ever require in the whole of your lifetime. I regularly share that we can do so many different things confidently without even thinking. That could be driving a car, reading or even tying your shoelaces. We learn more in our formative years than just our ‘A, B C’s’. We instinctively know a heartfelt connection with someone that we love. We can access this wisdom and insight easily, sometimes we just make things too complicated and it is learning to trust and tap into what is already there.

You can eat a whole elephant! (But not in one meal!) You can reduce all problems into bite size chunks. If you have to lose 5 stones or 50 kilos of weight, then that appears to be an impossible challenge. If you keep that as your target, then you can break that down into 20 little challenges. You will get instant success and feel good that you are on your way to reach your target.

Many clients feel that they are failures. In positive change, they are able to ‘Live the Dream’. There is only ‘feedback, no such thing as failure’. In every situation there is a learning process. So sometimes you may do something wrong, (like burning cakes in the oven! After the third batch of burnt cakes, I recognise that all I have to do is reduce the temperature of the oven. Instead of failure I have brilliant cupcakes!) This means that sometimes our coping strategies are wrong, the solutions are not quite in place, so my plans fail. Simply with reflection I recognise that I could be doing things differently to get the desired result. More often than not, it is the fear of failure that holds us back from doing anything. When you give yourself the opportunity to recognise that you are human that sometimes you make mistakes then you can turn things around. That is a major step to living the dream.

You can be setting the foundations for your dream now. No matter how difficult things have been for you in the past, everyday can offer you the chance to create and give you the opportunity to live the dream.

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