How to improve your work life balance

Any lifestyle survey identifies work life balance as the number one concern. We have more contact from clients on work life balance than any other single concern. Burn out. Overwork.  Stress. Ill health. Depression. Sleeplessness. Relationships. Performance.

Living the Dream. How to manage your lifestyle.
Take control. Make decisions and gain some power
Never take your personal life and family for granted
Be choosy. Do not try to balance work and life. Adjust according to their value to you
Know the limits. Talk this over at work, after all it is only work!
Review your situation every 4 months. Review your priorities
Allow space in your life. Stop and relax. Dedicate time for yourself every day
Is it really all about money?
Have you actually accepted a pattern out of habit? You do not need to accept that. Allow your brain to be re-programmed to accept that your life is in many parts.
Do you have an addiction to work? What are you trying to avoid?
Be unavailable for a part of each day and for at least one day a week, to appreciate all aspects of your life.
Recognise that you need to look after yourself. Only then can you look after others. If you are healthy in mind, body and spiritually, then you will be happier.
Practise relaxation, self-hypnosis and mindfulness every day Remember you can say no! Why should you do something you don’t want or like?
Re-evaluate your perspective on life. Give yourself a regular check up by completing the ‘Wheel of Life’, every few months. Establish where you are and where you want to be.
Remember the most that you can ever give is 100%
From this list jot down the five most significant points that you can do something about this month. Make an action plan. Remember the little steps add up to make the big leap.

We can help you to get the balance right. How to manage your time. To focus on your priorities. To ‘de-clutter’. To change bad habits. To regain control.

The rewards make it worth the time and commitment to take far more care of your self. as the advert says, ‘you’re worth it!’

It’s your life and your balance. You have to do it your way. We can help you.

Excepts taken from ‘Living the Dream….The secret of being happy’, by Susan Chan and Ian Geddes

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