Making a positive change through relaxation and visualisation by Susan Chan and Ian Geddes

Making Positive Change. Utilising the tool of relaxation and visualisation.

I remember a character called Eeyore out of ‘Winnie the Pooh’. He always sounded sad and he looked unhappy. Eeyore did not know what happiness and positivity would be like. So what about you? Does it affect how you think? Does it affect how you feel? If you give yourself time, peace and calm then a deeper tranquility will come and within this, answers. By the way, no matter what you think, you can effect a positive change. You are reading this now with what could be curiosity and that is a positive step. Now let your mind drift, taking yourself to a special place, where you can have calm, peace and space. Let your body relax and your mind will take you there. It you tune into your breathing, just a little slower, just a little deeper, creating space in a place of positivity. By asking yourself and by allowing yourself to go to a special place, your mind will present you with an answer. A wonderful book by Rick Hanson, entitled, ‘Buddha’s Brain’, suggests that so much of our body is built from what we eat and that our mind is built from all the experiences that we have. To a great extent the flow of what we experience, can have a way in which our brains and our minds shape up. Often we can recall different events. For example what we did last summer, or how it was to fall in love. Somehow most of what shapes our mind can stay locked in our unconscious and within this implicit memory it can hold many of our expectations, such as how we view relationships, even how we respond emotionally and our overall outlook. What is referred to as implicit memory hold the interior landscape within our minds. This includes how it feels to be you and that this can be built on a number of echoes from our past experience. In a way, some of those echoes are sorted into two piles, one that can help you and one that can harm you. So it is in our best interests to create, save and enhance the ones that are positive and let go of the others, that highlight the negative and harmful ones. As humans, there is a problem. We have a negative bias within our memory. The remedy is not to suppress negative experiences when they happen, they happen! Rather it is to foster positive experiences and in particular to take them in so that they become a more permanent part of you. Taking in the good, to help you in your positive change.

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