The Power of Positive Change

Depending upon the meaning we give to situations or events, we feel and behave differently. It is amazing how we can be motivated by what gives us meaning and purpose. Your mind has a massive unconscious control and influence on what you think, what you do and how you feel. So is the glass half full or half empty? You have the ability to change the way that you look at life, events and relationships. When you view something in a more positive way , we use the term re-frame.

Advertising is based on the power of encouraging you to view a product in  a positive way, to persuade you to feel good about buying a product. Public relations, marketing and spinning  information and even the shopping experience all place emphasis on providing you with a relaxed, enjoyable environment or ‘frame’. You are more likely to buy, be persuaded or convinced when you feel good.

Values: Create the right path for you: We need to accept that we can change and we have the power to create those changes for the better. Use the table below to help identify your barriers, spark ideas that could motivate you to positive change, then set your intentions to create that change.


What is holding me back from positive change?


My positive values that move me to change


  • It’s hard to change
  • I’ve always done it this way
  • I don’t deserve good things
  • I feel helpless
  • I’m a failure
  • I’m not clever enough
  • I can’t change
  • Life is always against me
  • I am afraid of the unknown and taking risks
  • I have an inner voice holding me back

  • Change is exciting
  • I choose change in my life
  • I deserve the best
  • I take responsibility for my life
  • I am successful at what I chose to do
  • I have the skills I need
  • I can change
  • I create my own options
  • I am ready to take a step into the unknown

The brain has a negative bias. In evolutionary terms we have to be ever ready for anything! This creates a fear, a need to have our minds concerned about other things. This can be hard work and there is a tendency to be negative in outlook. Knowing this means we have to be clear about ‘setting our intentions’, just as we would ‘set our sat-nav’ when setting out on a journey.

It’s the journey, not the destination that brings the joy!


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