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Confidence, Coaching and NLP

Boosting your Confidence  with NLP                           by Ian Geddes and Susan Chan

Remember when you were about to sit your driving test? Or about to enter an examination room.  The positive power of the mind is so important. If all you visualise is failure, fear or rejection, then inevitably that is what will happen. You may feel happy one day. You meet up with a friend who sees everything in shades of black and grey. So what happens to your mood? You get dragged down. This short article concentrates on one step that you can take today to be more confident.

You have had many successes in life so far.  Create two lists now. One with your positive attributes, qualities, successes and achievements. Now make a list of your shortcomings or weaknesses. Which list was easier to create. 7/10 of our clients say it is easier to compile a negative list! Why are we so reticent about how good we can be? Here is a short list of some strengths that many people often forget about:- creative; calm; loving; good at listening; a good friend; honest; strong; good at dancing/ playing the guitar/singing/ driving/ being a parent; caring; funny; photography and so on.

How does it feel to celebrate your positive qualities? It feels good and you gain confidence about a job well done.

So identify an event or issue that is giving you some problems at the moment. It could be your image, or speaking in public or passing an exam.

Identify and think about how you would like your life to be 6 months from now.

What needs to happen to get to that point?

Identify and think about how you would like your life to be 1 month from now.

What needs to happen to get to that point?

What can you start to do today to shift your mind from negativity to be more positive?  One of our techniques that we often use is NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming…. Neuro for what is going on in our minds, Linguistic about how we use language and Programming our patterns of behaviour.

NLP is about real life and becoming successful. It is about allowing you to get better at what you do.  It has a real, immediate and powerful impact. The path to personal excellence starts with you working out what you want. It can be personal, social, financial, relational, work related or anything.Remember an important issue with NLP.……. If you continue to do what you have always done, then nothing will ever change.

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Hypnotherapy and Social Networking

Addicted to Facebook?

By Ian Geddes and Susan Chan

We were watching a Panorama programme recently about Facebook and the impact it has had on social interaction.  A recent article by Nick Collins in the Telegraph, also commented on the growing numbers of people affected by what has been labelled as ‘Facebook addiction’. Research by the University of Bergen identifies the profile of those most likely to encounter addiction symptoms of anxiety and insecurity and a compulsive need to use such social networking sites. We have recently worked with clients who have recognised their reliance on Facebook, spending several hours a day checking and writing. A common feeling is that they ‘need to know what is going on’.  The University of Chicago investigated the ‘desires’ and ‘urges’ from over 250 people and found that alcohol and tobacco prompted lower levels of desire than the need to check social network sites! 80% of parents (as reported by Matt Warman from the Telegraph) fear that their children could get addicted to social network sites. 30% of parents stated that they believe that the web can ‘rewire’ a person’s brain. There is no evidence for this. Of course it can be fun and can be so useful when keeping in touch with friends and family. I was in a school over the lunch interval recently.  The weather was nice yet the indoor space was packed with lots of students (mostly girls) busy on their phones and ipads, busy networking away. It seems that the desire, for some young people to do this, is more appealing than actually interacting with the person sitting beside them! Where will we be in 10 years time? Will the bubble have burst or will we be even more hooked into virtual interaction?

Hypnotherapy can be very successfully used to tackle addictions.  Social networking, like other habits or compulsions, can similarly be worked on using a variety of techniques and approaches.

We would be delighted to receive your comments about this and your experiences in this contemporary issue.

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Gastric Band Weight Control

Weight Control with Susan Chan Following positive media reporting in a variety of newspapers, magazines and Breakfast TV, there has been an amazing amount of interest in the Hypnosis Induced Gastric Band as part of a weight control programme. For a number of years I have been using this technique, combined with a holistic approach to well being and weight control. When I talk with the client, often they identify issues that have occurred over a long period of time. Together we work to overcome all of those issues.  I use a number of techniques in an integrated way. All programmes are designed to suit the individual. I can use hypnotherapy and NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness to help you to make that change. The programmes are confidential, ‘one to one’ and with coaching support. I offer a free initial 30 minute consultation and all clients will receive a  complementary MP3/ CD for Relaxation, Confidence and Weight Control. It is also good fun! I am registered with both the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and the Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). I am based in Kilmarnock, with easy access from the M77/A77.

So contact me today at
01563 528801 and 07980 849321

You can unlock your potential since you hold the key to success.

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NLP and Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques

Body Scan

This is a simple technique that when practiced, reduces physical tension and the symptoms associated with this. It can be used almost anywhere, for a few minutes or as part of a longer more advanced method of relaxation.

The technique….

‘Golden Breath’

We all have had a lot of experience breathing! It’s natural and it is our life force.

There are limitations on our usual patterns of breathing. Often shallow, or rushed. Diaphragmatic breathing is calm, controlled and relaxing.

The technique….


Deepening, sometimes also called ‘countdown’, is  very effective when you wish to deepen relaxation and when combined with the two remaining techniques below, can result in very pleasant and effective stress reduction relaxation

The techniques….


As humans, we have the power to visualise. Using the powerful energy contained in our minds. Our emotional and physical well-being comes from our mind images, thoughts and feelings. By positively drawing upon our mind, we create strong images that have beneficial applications

Healing             Inner wisdom        Planning                        Relaxation

Visualisation is even more effective when combined with our other senses

Sound                Sight                Taste               Smell                   Feeling

The technique….

Your ‘special place’

In many ways this technique is the deepest and most assuring. It takes you to your own ‘special place’. It combines all of the above with wonder and excitement

The technique….


All of these techniques are enhanced with daily practice

Use of CDs/ MPs

Returning to the present

You always have control during relaxation. You can end it at any time by opening your eyes. A more comforting way to end the session is to reverse the above techniques.

For example counting from 1 to 5, gently opening your eyes and stretching the muscles.

To find out more about these NLP and Mindfulness techniques, contact Susan Chan, email

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